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Bug Squad Jasmin Ramirez Bonilla: Targeting Cucumber Beetles on Melons 20 hours ago
The Stanislaus Sprout Herb Gardening Class Video Now Available on Youtube! 20 hours ago
Pests in the Urban Landscape Lawn Problems: Diseases Are Not Always To Blame 20 hours ago
Napa Master Gardener Column Celebrating Master Gardeners! 21 hours ago
UCCE Livestock & Range Topics UCCE Programs During Covid 19: Rangeland Wednesdays - Rancher-panel discussing how they cope with drought on federal and non-federal public lands in California 21 hours ago
UC Rice Blog Mid Season Disease Update 21 hours ago
UC Master Gardeners- Diggin' it in SLO Cucumber Beetle 22 hours ago
UC ANR Knowledge Stream A small change for a big impact 23 hours ago
Forest Research and Outreach UCCE offers training for landowners interested in using prescribed fire 24 hours ago
Entomology & Nematology News NSF Grant to Boost Bohart Museum's World-Class Tardigrade Collection 1 day ago
Under the Solano Sun A Trip to San Diego 1 day ago
UC Weed Science Johnsongrass in organics: Mow it? 1 day ago
Topics in Subtropics HLB Video in Spanish 1 day ago
The Real Dirt Blog Dealing with an Ant Invasion 1 day ago
Coordinator News Racial Equity Resources 2 days ago
UC Master Gardener Program Statewide Blog Welcome! New Program Coordinators 2 days ago
UCCE MG OC News Listen To "Native Plant Society California" on In The Garden Radio 3 days ago
ANR Update Next UC president and ANR Strategic Plan refresh 3 days ago
Livestock & Range California State Water Resources Control Board Grazing Survey 3 days ago
Green Blog New mobile app identifies hazardous trees for public safety 3 days ago
IGIS Necessity is the Mother of Invention: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Event Coordination Technology Behind DroneCamp 3 days ago
Noticias UCCE dirige el desarrollo de una asociación para la quema prescrita y controlada en los condados de San Benito, Monterrey y Santa Cruz. 4 days ago
Small and Organic Farm Advisor The Heat is On: Soil Solarization 4 days ago
UC Delivers Summer Teens-as-Teachers Programming Increases Leadership Opportunities and Physical Activity Knowledge 4 days ago
Climate Smart Agriculture Conservation Profile #2: Steven Lee, Quaker Oaks Farm 4 days ago
Conservation Agriculture Old theory drives new soil heatlh research in California! 4 days ago
ANR Adventures No vacation this week 5 days ago
Spill the Beans Garden Record-Keeping 5 days ago
Salinas Valley Agriculture Does Adjusting Soil pH Control Clubroot of Brassicas? 9 days ago
Garden Notes Recipes from the Garden: A Taste of the Season 9 days ago
Nutrition Policy Institute News NPI Brown Bag Event: CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California - Programmatic Strategies, Adaptation to COVID-19, and Areas for Intentional Collaboration with NPI 9 days ago
Healthy Central Sierra July's Harvest of the Month: Tomatoes 10 days ago
ANR Contracts & Grants Updates Accepting LOI applications to the NSF Disaster Resilience Research Grants (DRRG) Program - Due 8/14 11 days ago
ANR Employee News Strategic Initiative Brief: Virtual consultation; Food System Resiliency Webinar Series; 11 days ago
DREC Farm Smart June 2020 Newsletter 11 days ago
Landscape Lush Learning to Love Natural Enemies 11 days ago
News from UC ANR South Coast REC and Beyond Meshing older and modern farming..... 11 days ago
UC Small Grains Blog Hand-held electronic devices help you make better nitrogen fertilizer decisions 11 days ago
Sacramento 4-H Thoughts on Starting Up...and a Thank You! 12 days ago
Bay Area News Welcome to Frankly Speaking 12 days ago
UCCE Master Gardeners of San Bernardino County Coordinators Corner "Your garden is calling...can you hear it?" 12 days ago
Food Blog Climate-change research provides tools for farmers to adapt 12 days ago
Placer/Nevada 4-H Blog Presidential Volunteer Service Award 12 days ago
Frankly Speaking Welcome to Frankly Speaking 12 days ago
Environmental Horticulture News for Southern California Horticulturists Invasive Plants: Don't Encourage 'Bad Neighbors' 13 days ago
UC Cooperative Extension, Ventura County Summer safety: Tips to avoid foodborne and heat illnesses 13 days ago
Strawberries and Caneberries The BDM Train Has Left the Station 15 days ago
The Backyard Gardener A Missed Diagnosis: Powdery Mildew 15 days ago
Nut, Olive and Prune Programmatic News UCCE Tulare County Dried Plum program assists efforts for detection of invasive beetle 15 days ago
UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County New Three Sisters Garden Video 16 days ago
ANR news releases El-kereamy named director of UC Lindcove REC 17 days ago
California Naturalist One of Many Changes at CalNat 18 days ago
ANR News Blog Southeast Asian farmers devastated by cononavirus closures 18 days ago
UC ANR South Coast REC Field Events, Workshops, and Extension Virtual Avocado Festival Week 19 days ago
UCCE Sonoma Rhonda Smith Wraps up Fruitful Career as Sonoma County Viticulture Advisor 19 days ago
Ventura County 4-H California 4-H Mindfulness Retreat 22 days ago
Healthy Communities Blog Diversity • Equity • Inclusion 22 days ago
Ranching in the Sierra Foothills Learning from Experience 22 days ago
Livestock & Range News Review article: protein supplementation strategies to improve ranch profitability 22 days ago
Irrigation Blog Follow-up on CERES water-stress imagery color scale, adequacy of winter recharge and new remote sensing satellite product from Agralogic collaborating with Jain Logic 23 days ago
The Confluence Retaining diverse environment and water scholars through community 26 days ago
Fresas y Moras En marcha una chinche muy numerosa y diminuta en los campos de la fresa 30 days ago
Master Food Preserver SLO/SB Counties Big Dig Day! 36 days ago
Science for Citrus Health Infusing therapeutic material into citrus trees to treat HLB 38 days ago
Agritourism Connections Rural Tourism Webinar Friday June 5 39 days ago
SJC and Delta Field Crops Delta Rice Armyworm Monitoring Begins 42 days ago
Master Food Preservers San Bernardino County Scrambling for Preservation Info and Apple Peelers 44 days ago
Choe Laboratory News Photos from 2020 UCR UPMC Online 44 days ago
Blog de Alimentos Es crucial apoyar a los mercados de granjeros 44 days ago
Nuestra Comunidad La compra de alimentos y el coronavirus 46 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Kings Late May (post 3) 46 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Fresno Late May (post 3) 46 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Merced Late May (post 3) 46 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Stanislaus county Late May (post 3) 46 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Eastern San Joaquin Co. Late May (post 3) 46 days ago
Thrips/TSWV Western San Joaquin Co. Late May (post 3) 46 days ago
Thrips/TSWV status in Yolo & Colusa Late May (post 3) 46 days ago
California 4-H Grown 4-H Youth Take the Lead on Virtual 4-H Club Elections 51 days ago
The Bee Gardener Happy World Bee Day May 20, 2020 53 days ago
Community Pest News Using Disinfectants Correctly 53 days ago
UC CalFresh Fresno/Madera Counties Smarter Lunchrooms Movement in Fresno Unified School District 57 days ago
Project Board News Project Board COVID-19 Guidance 59 days ago
Hansen News HAREC Donates Fruits and Vegetables to Community Organization and Local Schools 59 days ago
Intermountain REC News Strategies for Managing Crops Under Limited Irrigation Supplies - lessons learned from previous UC ANR drought research 60 days ago
ISHB News 65 days ago
Lindcove Research and Extension Center News PPE in short supply for farm work during the COVID-19 crisis 74 days ago
Environmental Horticulture News Landscape Tree Irrigation 101 77 days ago
Sacramento Valley Field Crops PPE in short supply for farm work during the COVID-19 crisis 78 days ago
UCCE San Bernardino County Consumer and Family Science News Volunteer Appreciation 78 days ago
BLP's in OC PPE Applicators in Short Supply 79 days ago
Southern IPM Activities PPE in short supply for farm work during the COVID-19 crisis 79 days ago
The Long Narrow Swale The Rumsfeld filter 90 days ago
SFREC News Healthy soils project update 94 days ago
Alfalfa & Forage News Natural Enemies Are Important For Control Of The Aphid Complex In Alfalfa – A Case Study 95 days ago
Urban Agriculture Urban Farms, Food Safety, and Food System Resilience During COVID-19 114 days ago
Outstanding in the Field: Views from North Coast Rangeland Crane Flies Have Returned! *updated* 120 days ago
HOrT COCO-UC Master Gardener Program of Contra Costa Fertilizing Fruit Trees and Information on Chill Hours 131 days ago
National Clean Plant Network International Year of Plant Health 148 days ago
Crop Biostimulants Results from processing tomato trials are now available 150 days ago
UC Dry Bean Blog Garbanzo Research Update in California 163 days ago
CropManage: online irrigation and nutrient management tool read more test 172 days ago
Web / IT News Transitioning away from the ANR FAQ system 176 days ago
UC CalFresh Tulare / Kings Counties Bon Appetit! 176 days ago
Kearney news updates Genomic gymnastics help sorghum plant survive drought. 183 days ago
testTwo Table Test 186 days ago
UCCE Riverside County Riverside Faith Temple Garden Update 191 days ago
Nutrition News in the Butte Cluster YCUSD Partners with CalFresh Healthy Living, UC to Implement the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement Districtwide 206 days ago
Farming in the Foothills Public Safety Power Shutoffs - Impacts to Irrigation 254 days ago
A Garden Runs Through It - UCCE Master Gardeners of Colusa County Crape Myrtle 309 days ago
Foothill Fodder Drilling for Microbial Gold: Eskalen Lab Researchers Seek Biocontrol Agents for Canker Disease 331 days ago
E-Journal of Entomology and Biologicals Improving strawberry yields with biostimulants: a 2018-2019 study 331 days ago
Master Food Preservers of San Bernardino County Plumtastic 333 days ago
Hopland REC What we learned from Sustainable You Summer Camp 346 days ago
Grape Notes Irrigation volume and frequency: soil, salinity and nutrient considerations 359 days ago
Nursery and Flower Grower How cut flower vase solutions work 361 days ago
East Bay Urban Agriculture Farming Map Let's Map It Out 375 days ago
The Biochar Blog Two day seminar on Korean Natural Farming 375 days ago
Notes in the Margins: Agronomy and Weed Science Musings Wet Weather and Weeds 407 days ago
Kearney spam Ucanr Validation Request on May 01, 2019, 07:38 AM 437 days ago
Cooperative Extension Connection UC Master Gardeners Collaborate on 'Climate-Ready Landscape Trees' Project 517 days ago
Extensión Cooperativa del Condado de Monterey ¡BIENVENIDOS! 519 days ago
You See CE Mulch and Avocado Root Rot and Gibberellic Acid Too! 540 days ago
UC CalFresh Tulare in Action! “Put Your Best Foot Forward” with Playground Stencils 544 days ago
AsisTel You can help reduce your risk of injury 569 days ago
NCPN Citrus Joint Conference of the International Organization of Citrus Virologists XXI and the International Research Conference on Huanglongbing 571 days ago
Compost and Waste Management Welcome 585 days ago
SAFE Landscapes Woolsey and Hill Fire Recovery Resources 598 days ago
Small Steps to Health and Wealth Countdown to a Food-Safe Thanksgiving 617 days ago
Leafhopper Blog End of Season Leafhopper Parasitism Counts and Nymph Data 626 days ago
UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay Two Methods to Winterize Your Garden 650 days ago
San Mateo/San Francisco County 4-H 2018-2019 4-H Program Gearing up for the Year! 660 days ago
Solution Center For Nutrient Management Challenges of Measuring Soil Biological Activity 690 days ago
NCPN Roses Article available: What is Rose Rosette Disease? 709 days ago
Merced County 4-H Happenings Merced County 4-H helping Ferguson Fire relief efforts 723 days ago
Sonoma County 4-H Reporter July 4-H Reporter 732 days ago
CT Video Updates CASI’s Mitchell leads soil workshop for Selma summer school students 739 days ago
Fruit & Nut Center Updates Produce Quality Specialist in Menlo Park, CA 760 days ago
NCPN Grapes Grapevine 'Variety Focus' Lectures Available for Viewing 787 days ago
NCPN Sweet Potato Video on Virus Elimination Therapy 787 days ago
NCPN Fruit Trees Breeding for Disease Resistance 787 days ago
NCPN Hops Field Guide Integrated Pest Management in Hops 787 days ago
Test Blog I am trying to learn how to create a new blog post 796 days ago
Campus Voices for Food + Climate Sustainability CalFresh at the UC's 802 days ago
San Joaquin County 4-H Calling all artists! The County Fair coloring contest 814 days ago
Thrips/TSWV in peppers 2018 Season - First post 824 days ago
The California Specialty Crops-Bee Connection No Bees, No Almonds 869 days ago
Pest News An update on the invasive spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula: current distribution, pest detection efforts, and management strategies 880 days ago
What's Growing On - San Joaquin UC Master Gardeners Gardens as a metaphor for life 884 days ago
NCPN Berries Five Tips for Safeguarding Berry Farms from Virus Disease 917 days ago
I Garden Because... It creates privacy... planting with Vines! 981 days ago
Dispatches from the Orchard Oh, Hello 999 days ago
UC Center for Forestry Where and how to get fire information 1004 days ago
San Bernardino 4-H Organic FFA Grants Now Open! 1011 days ago
Food 2025 Advances in Pistachio Production Short Course offered Nov. 14-16 1011 days ago
Off to a Good Start Off to a Good Start 1039 days ago
Crop Quiz August 30, 2017 - Quiz #99 1046 days ago
Riverside County Master Gardeners Citrus Greening (HLB) Detected In Riverside 1079 days ago
Small Farm News Exploring Bay Area Wholesale Market Options 1111 days ago
IPMinfo IPMinfo smartphone application for Android and iOS devices 1115 days ago
Eat Local Placer Nevada Find Your Local Farmers’ Market! 1166 days ago
Volunteer Spotlight February Volunteer Spotlight - Sara Glashan 1213 days ago
Riverside County 4-H County Presentation Day and Fashion Revue 1227 days ago
IPM in field crops Invasive species week 1228 days ago
Placer 4-H Blog Wreaths Across America By: Kaylee F. 1277 days ago
Santa Cruz County 4-H Announcement Blog 4-H November Council Meeting Agenda, Minutes, Treasure Report 1334 days ago
testing test 1370 days ago
VC Master Gardener Program Update Master Gardeners in Ventura County - 9/24/2016 1386 days ago
CalNat Share Images Still on the fence? 1416 days ago
OFF TO A GOOD START The Power of Play and Children’s Development 1418 days ago
Southern California Oaks PSHB in the VC Reporter 1459 days ago
Butte County Demonstration Garden Floppy Flower Phenomenon 1473 days ago
UCCE San Mateo, San Francisco, and Elkus Ranch Spring Garden Market Wrap-Up 1531 days ago
Fall and Spring Lettuce TSWV risk Update 4/18/2-16 1545 days ago
Kern Range Blog Feedyard Foodie 1573 days ago
North State Garden News Looking for Authors 1605 days ago
Master Gardeners of Ventura County Master Gardeners of Ventura County Update 1648 days ago
Vampires and plants 2 This is a test 1649 days ago
Oak Conservation Proceedings Available - 7th California Oak Symposium: Managing Oak Woodlands in a Dynamic World 1675 days ago
Change Log This is a test 1711 days ago
Trial Version - Sac Valley Walnut News - Don't link to us yet, please Photo 1815 days ago
Project Learning Tree - UC Cooperative Extension new!! 1816 days ago
Postharvest Postings 37th Annual Postharvest Technology of Horticutural Crops: A Valuable Experience 1832 days ago
Climate change, water, and society Levees and groundwater supply: the connection 1879 days ago
California Spotted Owl News Diversity of habitat needed around spotted owl reserves, study shows 1894 days ago
Pistachio Research Blog Thesis underway! 1917 days ago
Merced County 4-H Club News April 10, 2015 Updates 1919 days ago
Healthy San Joaquin Collaborative March 2015 Meeting 1940 days ago
Social Media Facebook remains most popular social media site 1951 days ago
Nursery & Floriculture News 'Super Sleuth' Solves the Mystery of the Dead Bees 1997 days ago
Tales of A North Coast Winegrower 2014 Harvest Summary Lake and Mendocino Counties 2021 days ago
VictoryGrower Amaryllis and Friendship 2134 days ago
Plant Pathology Bryce Falk now Distinguished Professor (effective July 1, 2014) 2167 days ago
Goldspotted Oak Borer Protect California’s landscape this camping season, don’t move firewood! 2243 days ago
Foundation Plant Services Greek wines and more 2244 days ago
Janet's Blog Drought Update 2261 days ago
Ventura County 4-H Club Officer Officer Nominations & Committees 2299 days ago
Roger's Livestock Blog Drought Workshop Scheduled for January 29th at Sierra Research and Extension Center 2377 days ago
Wildflowers! New Issue #6 Fall 2013 2426 days ago
Sahara Mustard Consortium Updates on Research 2426 days ago
Boating Environmental Forum HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH OIL? 2453 days ago
The California Practical Gardener New Pest Alert for Bagrada bug, a pest of cole crops 2462 days ago
ANR Surveys - Tips n' tricks Copying Your Survey 2476 days ago
Sonoma County AGROpreneurship Program The deadline to apply for 2013 Agropreneur Training has been extended to Friday, April 19th! 2648 days ago
The Forest Steward - applying science to the management of forests How to train your giant sequoia 2654 days ago
Pacific Fisher News Estimating Trend in Occupancy for the S. Sierra Fisher Population 2664 days ago
Image collective hello 2672 days ago
CS&IT Updates Phishing Scams 2804 days ago
LA County Master Food Preservers 2012 Blue Ribbon Sweepstakes Winner Francine Rippy 2833 days ago
Los Angeles Agriculture Can Small Urban Farmers Sell at Local Farmers’ Markets? Yes! (But it Takes Some Work.) 2921 days ago
Master Gardeners Make a Difference Thank You for Being a Part of the UC Master Gardener Program 2943 days ago
The Almond Doctor Considering an Almond Rust Spray? 2996 days ago
PSU Updates County Directors to Meet on April 5 3029 days ago
Prune Growing in California Fungicides for disease control and resistance management. 3047 days ago
SFS SI Resource List 3218 days ago
Butterfly Gardening in Santa Barbara County Our beautiful brochure 3279 days ago
We-R-4-H News Santa Barbara County 4-H Youth Development Program Restructuring(YDP) 3298 days ago
San Luis Obispo County Master Gardeners More Frequently Asked Questions about the Program 3314 days ago
Hogan's Blog Record Books 3375 days ago
Maternal and Infant Nutrition Briefs What are US infants and toddlers eating? 3452 days ago
Sonoma County Rangeland Program Mailing List 3503 days ago
CA4HA Goes to NAE4HA 2010 Conference Photos 3547 days ago
Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative Your questions answered... 3723 days ago
Groundwater UC Davis Groundwater Blog and other Links 3946 days ago
California Gardening Weekly Gardening Tip Practical Water Gardening 3953 days ago
CS Croquet Today No Croquet Today today 4047 days ago
Vines and Ovines Welcome to the Vines and Ovines Blog 4373 days ago